Benefits of Service Agreements

  • Increased efficientcy
  • Lower energy cost
  • Extended equipment life
  • Inhibits small problems from becoming large ones
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Priority service
  • The agreement is transferable
  • Friendly advise on energy conservation ideas and options
  • Extended service hours

Our Service Agreement is our personal accord with the owner of the equipment – This allows us to inspect, clean, service, and repair any issues before it becomes a major problem. Our Service Agreement allows us to increase the efficiently of your equipment while discovering any system difficulties that you may be experiencing.

A lot rides on your Heating and Cooling systems. From the operating and energy costs, to emergency repairs, it pays to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. In fact, a regular Service Agreement can pay for life, if not save your money. At Iceland Refrigeration, we focus on improving your comfort while reducing your homes energy and operational cost.