Service Agreement

Our Service Agreement program is our personal (bond) accord with the owner of the equipment – This allows us to inspect, clean, service, and repair any issues before it becomes a major problem. Our Service Agreement allows us to increase the efficiency of your equipment while discovering any system difficulties that you may be experiencing

A lot rides on your heating and cooling systems. From the operating and energy costs, to emergency repairs, it pays to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. In fact, a regular service agreement can pay for itself, if not save you money. At Iceland Refrigeration, we focus on improving your comfort while reducing your homes energy and operational cost.

Benefits of Service Agreements

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Lower Energy Cost

  • Extended Equipment Life

  • Inhibits Small Problems From Becoming Large Ones

  • Reduces Repair Costs

  • Priority Service

  • The Agreement is Transferable

  • Friendly Advice On Energy Conservation Ideas and Options

  • Extended Service Hours


Replace Filters

Clean Out _ Drains

Wash –

Visual Inspection for Refrigeration Leak

Check Supply & Return Temp.

Check & Tighten Electric Connections

Measure & Record Volts / Amps on Meters

Lubricate Meters and Non Sealed Many Part

Inspect & Replace Belts As Needed

Check Thermostat Operation

Inspect Safety Controls (if applicable)


Inspect Ignition and Burner Assembly (clean)

Inspect Heat Exchanger

Sequence Electric Heat Check –

Inspect and Adjust Indoor Blower Compo.

Tighten and Check Electrical Connections

Clean Out Drain Pans

Check and Adjust Gas Pressure

Conduct Carbon Monoxide Test

Check Thermostat Operation